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I believe in people. I believe in beauty. People should surround themselves with what they find beautiful. And this is what I do…help others improve their lives by composing lovely, supportive environments for them to enjoy. I also provide information and guidance so others can create this necessity for themselves. I am a woman of the world, a lover of peace, a wife, a mother and a creative spirit. My heart and soul goes into my work and I am honored to earn each and every client. I keep it real. I listen. And I do my best to stay connected to what really matters. It takes effort, but I make time for my community and others in the world: The Rise School, Dwell with Dignity, The Miracle Foundation and Homes of Hope, to name a few. Gratitude fosters happiness and that happiness propels my life into amazing directions. On the rare occasion I have all to myself, you’ll most likely find me scouting for antiques and vintage jewelry or settling in with a stack of magazines and a glass of French Rosé.

Marketing, Branding, and PR

This video expands upon the idea that “perception is reality.” Are you and your business projecting the type of image that you want? So...