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For more than 30 years, Bea Pila has captured awards, partnerships and commissions for her creative, intricate and high-quality designs that harmoniously blend fashion and function. As founding principal of B. Pila Design Studio, she transforms spaces into inviting homes, literally working from the ground up to harmonize architectural, fixture and decorative elements.

Winner of HGTV’s Designer Challenge in Miami, Bea’s creativity has also been featured on the national cable networks programs Empty-Nester Zen, Personal Space, Color Punch, and A Nursery to Grow With. Additional national outlet coverage includes the DIY Network’s Create Your Baby Nursery, for which she hosted the five-episode series. Never one to quiet her creative mind, Bea is currently working on the release of her book entitled “Creating Sacred Spaces for Inspired Living.”The compilation of visuals, narrative, and workbook instruction aims to help readers design their homes in alignment with their individual lifestyle, as opposed to what each room is traditionally designated as.    

Creating Sacred Spaces For Inspired Living

Celebrity interior designer Bea Pila shares her interpretation of traditional, transitional and modern design. Learn how Bea helps people create sa...