Four Hands

Four Hands

We believe there is no end to what furniture can do for a space. We mix inspiration with expertise, juxtapose materials and styles to create pieces that offer more than just a visual aesthetic—they offer a rich experience that changes the feeling of a room. Our profound curiosity and love for creative experimentation takes us to diverse corners of the world and keeps us searching for that something extra that every piece requires. It is this passion for pushing design boundaries that fuels our creative connection to the designer community. We understand that style needs may vary, but what doesn’t change is the need for a wide range of on-trend furnishings, great value and impeccable service. The way we see it, our furnishings are curated by us, but discovered by you. At Four Hands, we furnish style.


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2090 Woodward Street
Austin, Texas 78744

Phone: 8666549433