Episode 5: Design Time at Four Hands at the Las Vegas Market

Design Times

This week on Design Time, Kelli Ellis and Lori Dennis visit the Four Hands Showroom and answer some tough questions from our Campers, including: Do you have to have a degree to work in interior design?

Also, learn how Kelli and Lori collaborate with architects and how to initiate a mutual partnership from the beginning to ultimately save your client money.

Recently relocated?  Get tips from Kelli and Lori on the best steps to establishing new design relationships in your new area.

Hear what Kelli and Lori love most about working on residential and hospitality design projects!

Want to know how to create the perfect Belgium antique look?  Find out what new line from Four Hands has taken this look and has transformed it with their Van Thiel & Co. Collection at a great price point to use in your design projects.