Our friends at Wecora took a year’s worth of data and reviewed how designers were working and why their inspiration boards looked the way they did. What they realized was, it was all about decisions. So, they created a digital platform, which encourages rapid decision making and saves a ton of time!

After assembling a board, your clients can vote and comment directly on what you’re showing them, eliminating any miscommunication.

Keep in mind that Wecora is not just another presentation tool. There are tons of competent presentation tools out there but this particular one is focused on time saving and driving projects forward.

Oh and how could we forget to mention…it’s FREE! There are Pro and Team accounts available, which we absolutely recommend. But why not start with a free one? For a limited time, you can get a Promo Code just for signing up which can be used for 20% off the regular monthly price forever!


Wecora is also an important marketing tool for you. Wecora’s online platform promotes your brand and custom logo on all points of client interaction, as opposed to a number of other self-promtional tools out there. Wecora saves you time and makes you money faster by making decisions visual – like a Professional Pinterest account that you are in control of!

Keep up with Wecora on Instagram and Twitter @WecoraCom!

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