We’re always curious where our favorite designers draw inspiration from–what are the common threads running through their work, making their style distinctive in form and function. Read out to find out how some of our favorite celebrity designers find inspiration:

  1. Suzanne Kasler: Mixing Old & New

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Suzanne Kasler is an interior designer who defines her final projects by the details. She focuses on creating elements of style by using different techniques such as juxtapositions of antiques with modern compositions and layering high-depth colors with neutrals. Learn how you can create a really special home environment from her experience as a collector and her love of mixing furniture and objects in unexpected ways.

2. Sandra Espinet: Travel

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World renowned hospitality designer Sandra Espinet has turned her focus in recent years to luxury residential design all around the world, utilizing her passion for travel to design with a cultured perspective.  To Sandra, a well traveled home is a comfortable home.

3. Bea Pila: Sacred Spaces

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Life is busy and hectic; we’ve become misaligned and need “design enlightenment.” Returning to the basic principals surrounding communal living, Bea Pila lets the basic principles of survival dictate her designs: she helps people create sacred spaces that align with their lifestyles so they can start living inspired lives.

4. William Hefner: Indoor-Outdoor Living

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Renowned L.A.-based architect, William Hefner shares his design process and philosophy, which is built upon seamlessly integrating architecture, landscape architecture and interior design in a single space.

5. Mitchell Hill: Adventures in the South


They live in a historic 1840’s Charleston single house. The decor is a balance between traditional and contemporary. Their art collection is very contemporary, mixture of old and new is something you’ll see in many projects they’ve worked on.

Read More about the Design Duo Here:

Mitchell Hill on Contemporary Design in a Classical Town

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