A Whiff of Pattern: Design Ideas to Freshen Up Your Interiors

Authored By: Zoe Clark

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Redoing your home in a trending style is a great idea, but all the hard work will be of little value unless you continue investing designing efforts to keep the space well-groomed and engaging as years go by. A touch of pattern can help spice up existing décor and instill fresh energy into your home for as long as you know how to go about the update – and if you don’t, here are a few tips to help get your creative design elements on the right and stylish track.

1. A two-tone touch goes a long way 

Minimalism does look suave, but after a few months, your monochromatic décor will slide from stylish to sterile. To avoid waking up to a less than inspiring roomscape, turn to secondary tones that match your personal design preferences.

Supplementing the existing color scheme with a secondary hue is easy: simply take a look at the color wheel, select a complementary tone, and pick a pattern to break the monochromatic look. Stripes, checkers, herringbone, chevron, gingham, polka dots, and plaids are the safest patterns for beginner interior designers looking to amp home visuals by tonal updates as they make a powerful stylistic statement without the visual noise that goes hand in hand with multiple hues.


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  1. Liven it up with tonal spectrum

Tone-on-tone patterns have gained a solid momentum on the interior design scene last season, and you can use their popularity to your home’s aesthetic advantage.

To achieve a well put-together look, top the décor with different shades of the dominant color: this will help amplify aesthetic value while not compromising stylistic integrity of your home. On top of added visual appeal, tonal variety will also introduce a sense of balance and stability in your home without the risk of a garish effect.


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  1. Sizing up for scaled-up style

Even though mixing visual elements in different sizes isn’t an easy task, it’s still viable – and very efficient style-wise.

Take a quick look at the dominant pattern in your home, and see whether you can transplant it throughout your space. Combining different-size prints in compatible tones will energize your home décor and dial up its visual harmony. For instance, throws, cushions, and area rugs with a zebra print will fit your black-and-white décor like a glove, whereas a décor centered on light blue can be coated with accessories with a navy pattern or royal blue flourishes.


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  1. Do as design daredevils do

Keeping home décor stylish doesn’t mean you should suppress the expressive aspect of your personality.

Bold accessories and statement pieces in unexpected hues can be precisely that one detail your space needs to get a dose of character. To spruce up a home centered on neutrals with a bold touch, turn to blood red, violet, gold, Persian blue, olive, or cinnamon – but be very careful with the amount, number, and intensity of accent hues. When it comes to interior design, less is always more – unless you’re aiming for an eclectic bohemian ambiance.


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  1. Spice up with aesthetic zest

African, Oriental, and Moroccan décors are hot these days, and so are ethnic prints.

If you’re not looking to jump on the trending interior design bandwagon just yet but would like to amp the existing backdrop with a few chic details, turn to boho rugs, Oriental tapestries, tribal motifs, arabesques, and botanical elements. The rule of thumb when stealing tricks from contemporary styles is to stick to one or two different trends and distribute them throughout your area with balance and impactful scarcity in mind.


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  1. Patterns creeping up the walls

If you’re not in the mood for extensive décor updates and just need a leg-up to set your home look on the right track, you can just freshen up your wallscape.

Decorative wallpaper prints on-trend nowadays include botanical, floral faux, and natural covers, graphic art, geometric shapes, and ethnic-inspired shapes, so pick a design that fits your décor bill and allow patterns to crawl up your walls. In addition to their stylistic value, modern wallcoverings are often crafted from first-class materials, they have a longer lifespan, and are easier to maintain than classic wallpapers.


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Home is where the heart is, so don’t let your interiors lose their sparkle and charm through utter neglect. Rethinking existing patterns and introducing fresh visual elements into your space will ensure your home stays as inspiring and as visually pleasing as it can be. Good luck with pattern-full experiments!

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