The perceived entropy of life and the complex nature of man have something in common – they crave simplicity. It’s almost as if they need an antidote to counteract the effects of the unstructured chaos and visual clutter that surrounds us. In modern living, it is best achieved through minimalist approach to interior design. There is something wonderfully appeasing in the functional and aesthetic simplicity of a minimalist’s home. Combining comfort and style, the slick, sophisticated look of void spaces offers plenty of symmetry, understated patterns, clean lines and simple shapes.

But, beware the common misconception that minimal equals cheap or, worse yet, austere! Rejecting the lavishness and excesses of the modern day world in favor of a more toned down surroundings enhances functionality and purpose – and brings unparalleled joy and peace of mind. Here are some of the best interior design practices showing you how to master (and benefit from) the art of having less.

Authored by Mackenzie Fox:

There’s no place like… open space.

In contemporary architecture and design, an open living plan is almost a must. One of the most popular lifestyle choices of today is all about free flowing, multipurpose spaces with few walls and less than clear borders between the rooms. In this way, tearing down the walls between people (both literally and metaphorically), encourages dialogue and promotes a more sociable living environment. As an added bonus, open concepts are airy and full of light. Likewise, open space is the way to go if you want your small scale living area to appear visually larger.

Minimalist Home Design 2

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Right on the beam with color scheme.

Speaking of simplicity, we must not underestimate the importance of choosing the right set of colors. Extensive use of neutral, earthy tones and monochromatic palettes has a universally soothing effect and makes the home feel more open and inviting. Although the muted and pale color palette has become the trademark of simplistic design, this is not to say that minimalist interiors are necessarily stark and sterile. A dash of bolder color here and there is often used to add a little subtlety and depth to the room.

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A short lecture on pattern and texture.

While our experience of color is of purely visual nature, texture appeals to our sense of touch. Adding a bit of texture and pattern to an otherwise minimalist interior can quickly elevate the ambiance and make it less impersonal. Anything from understated patterns on rugs and pillows to textured timbers and wallpapers will create a feeling of warmth and intimacy. When used wisely and sparingly, both pattern and texture can provide great balance and sophistication to the minimal environment and make it pop in the best possible way.

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Something loud to stand out from the crowd.

Although minimalist contemporary interior design revolves around the concept of simplicity, you can always show your wild side by choosing one sensational piece to stand out. Be it an extraordinary lamp, an eye catching chair or a bold quirky shelf, it will bring a little sensuality and soften the crisp and symmetrical look of your living space. On the other hand, be careful not to crowd the space with a lot of large and bold objects or anything that might be overstimulating to the senses.

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Show some decor(um) to the world.

Rather than showing off, a minimalist redefines luxury by opting for a low key approach to interior design. This is when less truly starts to signify more. Paradoxically enough, your life gets richer simply by removing items and owning less. You and your loved ones become the focal point and the main décor in your home. Once you clear away both physical and mental clutter, learning to let go of your worldly possessions becomes not only an aesthetic quality, but a moral value as well.

There is something so pleasing, yet wonderfully effortless in the extreme simplification of life and form. Discarding everything you consider to be nonessential opens the way for spiritual pursuits, improving our relationships and sparking our self-discovery. As it suddenly turns out, this is not yet another interior design story. Minimalism becomes a philosophy, a lifestyle, a movement. And the mesmerizing beauty of the minimalist movement is taking the world by storm like none before.

About the Author:

Mackenzie Fox is a guest blogger and proud mom of two beautiful children, though sometimes she thinks her husband is the third child. She spends a lot of time at home, enjoying her family and working from home. She’s seeking ways to make that time pleasant and productive. If she’s not with her children or in the office, you may find her in the backyard gardening. Follow her on Twitter!

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