Peninsula Home here to help interior designers understand the process of designing custom furniture for their clients. The ability to get exactly what you need for a project is priceless! whether it’s a finish requirement, dimension issue or overall aesthetic change there always seems to be a road block between what’s being offered as a stocked item and what is needed to take your project to the next level. There are also very few companies that offer this service without blowing your entire budget on one piece. Follow along with Peninsula Home Collection’s custom process and you take a look into 3 different projects from 3 different interior designers and how going custom gave them and their client exactly what they needed!

This first designer was dealing with a great room 32′ by 17′ and wanted to make a family room and formal living room work as one. Her and her client agreed to put a chaise floating between the two areas and with a long buffet on the wall to unify the space.

Peninsula Home Custom Guide
The client fell in love with the 63″ wide Edith dresser shown below. It was exactly what she wanted, something unique, a mixed media piece with both metal and wood! The wire brushed look worked with the rest of the pieces she had already picked out and she was obsessed with the design on the face of the drawers. would you just walk away from making your client that happy?

Peninsula Home Edith Dresser

So we began to dissect the piece and spec out a whole new product. The most important part was getting the design on the drawers to stay interesting and not too stretched out or condensed. In the end we stuck with the rule of design and kept the amount of drawers odd, 5 across was the lucky number! We added more metal support in the middle because of the length of the piece and it was sent to the factory to be built. 12 weeks later the designer got exactly what she wanted including a happy client! See final product below.

Peninsula Home Custom 5 Drawer Edith Dresser

The next project was for a restaurant in Las Vegas, they needed a statement piece for a wall in the main dining area. The look was eclectic but it needed to have some of that Las Vegas glam as well. They loved the look of the doors in the Calada buffet, the carving was exactly what they had been looking for. The problem was it was still too antique looking to them and lacked the chic Las Vegas glamour they required.

Peninsula Home Calada Buffet Cabinet
The solution was to clean up the lines of the piece a little. We removed the drawers as well as the feet so the focus was on the detail in the doors. For the added wow factor we added inlay mirror all the way around the frame and behind the doors. See the final product below!

Peninsula Home Custom Inlay Mirror Calada Buffet Cabinet

The final project is a club house in Talega, California designed by Heather Richardson Interior Design. Heather knew what she wanted and came to peninsula to achieve a unified look that she knew she could customize to her exact needs. The first piece was a simple sofa table that she drew out for us.

Peninsula Home Customa Sofa Table Drawing

We had to get the size just right because this piece was for a pretty low back sofa. After we determined finishes for both the metal and wood, the piece went into production!

Peninsula Home Custom Sofa Table Clubhouse Heather Richardson Interior Design

The piece turned out beautifully, simple and elegant! The next piece Heather customized for the clubhouse is actually the same Edith dresser previously mentioned in the first project. See below to refresh your memory.

Peninsula Home Edith Dresser Custom Heather Richardson Interior Design

For this piece we customized a lot! The molding on the drawers was removed and new, more intricate hardware was applied. The finish was changed to a wire brushed grey and the size was increased to 8′. See below how all these alterations drastically change the piece!

Peninsula Home Custom Console Dresser

Her last custom piece was another side board, Heather wanted them to look related but not the same. She customized our Eliseo side board shown below.

Peninsula Home Eliseo side board

By applying the same finish as the previous side board, the wire brushed grey. As well as unifying the hardware this piece transformed into a perfect companion to the modified Edith. See below for final result!

Peninsula Home Custom brushed grey Eliseo side board console Heather Richardson Interior Design

Just remember that going the custom route does not always have to blow your budget, and small carefully thought out changes can drastically change the look of a piece. Learn more about Peninsula Home’s Design Studio in Orange County, CA, which is open to all interior designers to create custom designs here. For more information on this unique service offered by Peninsula Home Collection, please contact

About Peninsula Home Collection:

Peninsula Home Collection is a family owned business headquartered in Orange County, California. Peninsula Home started its operations over 15 years ago, and is the leading brand of home furnishings and accessories from Peru. Peninsula has developed a rich and eclectic collection of styles that are based on traditional design with a transitional appeal. The extensive mix of raw materials, design and applications results in a diverse collection of unique pieces that capture the eye of the most demanding segment of the market. Working with carefully selected hard woods, the collection includes details in leather, decorative fabric, iron, and painted glass. These elements converge in a symphony of design complimented by hand carvings, multi layer finishes and experienced craftsmanship. As a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, Peninsula Home makes every effort to deliver environmentally friendly products, using certified woods and materials that minimize the impact that their operation has on the planet. Being a CTPAT certified partner provides peace of mind to their customers, with fast turnarounds on direct containers and the import process. With their upholstery division based in California, Peninsula provides competitive production lead times. You can be certain that each upholstered piece is bench made in the U.S.A.

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