Remodeling your kitchen is a pretty big endeavor. It’s done relatively rarely and it takes a lot of effort. There are a lot of new and interesting trends emerging in kitchen decoration and it’s fine to make it seem modern and bold, but keep in mind that you’re planning something that’s going to last a few years. Try to find a style that won’t go out of date quickly. In the end, remember that the kitchen has a specific purpose and that the style you choose should accommodate it.

Color palette

Bright and festive kitchens were in for a while, but that’s starting to change. Less saturated tones are taking over giving the space a more serious, retro tone. This goes for the entire kitchen from the floors to the wooden cabinets. Grays, pale blues and tinted whites are the most popular choice for the kitchen counters and appliances. The floors should be in lighter wood tones such as walnuts and white oaks. This look isn’t only more soothing, but it’s also easier to change and fix up when necessary.

No more kitchen table?

This seems like a big change, but you could get used to it quickly and once you do it becomes much more convenient. So-called

kitchen islands are becoming a popular alternative as well as adding additional counter space. Islands provide you with more storage space and create a more intimate atmosphere. If you insist on keeping the table, consider a pub or a gathering table as an alternative. These are significantly taller than kitchen tables and create a more relaxed and informal atmosphere.

The appliances corner

Minimalist design is taking over. Most appliances are getting smaller and more high-tech every day. There’s a tendency to group most of the appliances in the same corner and to divide the kitchen into a work area and a common area. Furthermore, modern kitchen equipment, like euro appliances can be seamlessly integrated into the kitchen cabinets or the bar area, which emphasizes the clean minimalist look. On the other hand, appliances are starting to look like something out of a science fiction movie, creating its own aesthetic – which can work well with a more saturated kitchen tone.

Open shelves

Open shelves are another way to use actual day to day items from your kitchen to improve its look. It’s also easier to organize and to find what you need in a pinch. Choosing open shelves will probably also mean decluttering the kitchen because no items are left out of sight. This isn’t without a downside, however. Open shelf kitchens need to be dusted more frequently and all the imperfections of your kitchenware are out in the open for everyone to see.

LED lights

Ceiling lights and table lamps will never go out of style, but they’re no longer enough. Kitchen cabinets and the appliances themselves should also be illuminated. The cabinets are usually lit from the inside – attaching the lights to the door or to above the china itself. Low voltage LED lights are the most elegant way to do it. It’s more subtle than the traditional lights, it can be easily changed to create a different mood and most importantly these lights emit no heat, which means you can literally put them anywhere and use them throughout the year.

Kitchen design is changing. It’s becoming more stylish and in the same time less formal. There’s no need to overdo it and change your kitchen entirely, add changes slowly depending on your lifestyle and budget.




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