Hi Designers! Hope everyone’s year is off to a good start– our’s certainly is. We couldn’t be more excited to announce that Design Campus is being acquired by Kabuni. Design Campus and Kabuni both emphasize the designer’s experience and provide ways for designers to grow their business in the digital age. It is a match made in design heaven!

So, what is Kabuni?

If you are not already familiar with Kabuni, it consists of three components: Designers, Makers, and the Kabuni House. It’s an excellent online platform and phone app for designers looking to get into e-design, and discover artisan-maker products you won’t find anywhere else. Watch this clip to learn how designers are making money on Kabuni:

There’s Also the Kabuni House

If you’re in the Vancouver area, you can experience Kabuni in person. You can schedule a tour of the #KabuniHouse, Vancouver’s co-working space for the home industry and get a free day pass to try out the house. At Kabuni House, they’re taking the design process to the next level. The Kabuni Dream Room will completely transform the way you design. The Dream Room is an immersive virtual reality experience that enables you to visualize a space in real time, all around you. But rather than us trying to explain it… just watch:

Better Homes for Everyone

Kabuni also has a fabulous social mission. They believe in better homes for everyone, which means a portion of all the proceeds from their designer marketplace go towards ending the cycle of poverty and homelessness. You can learn more about the cause here.

Kabuni Acquires Design Campus

A Note from Kabuni

“Design Campus’ content can be seamlessly integrated into the Kabuni pillars, creating multiple benefits for our growing membership,” stated Frans Tjallingii, Kabuni’s Chief Operating Officer. “Through the three pillars of our platform [Community, house, and Marketplace], Kabuni is both attracting new members and improving our current members’ experience. The inclusion of Design Campus’s educational library will enhance the value of our offering. Design Campus also boasts an established social media presence, and we are excited to adopt this audience as our own. Finally, we are thrilled to welcome Lori Dennis and her superior industry expertise to Kabuni’s leadership team.”


We look forward to seeing you on DesignCampus.com & Kabuni.com!

by Courtney Porter

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