Another year’s slowly drawing to an end, and interior designers around the globe are preparing to welcome the new season with fresh home styles and innovative décor touches. Although it remains to be seen what novelties the year to come may bring, a few décor trends are already emerging on the design horizon. So, what are the hottest home features we’ll be seeing more and more of in the year to come?

Earthy Pastels Are the New Black

Following at the heels of Pantone’s Rose Quartz and Serenity as the colors of the year in 2016, the trending color palette for the year ahead will remain centered on pastels, albeit in a slightly earthier guise. Gentle pink and light blue will stay on trend, but they’ll cede the throne to other light nuances for an added dose of interest. Nature-inspired tones such as terracotta, lavender, grey, beige, and muted green will take front and center in next year’s interior designs, combined with furnishings boasting sleek, feminine lines, subtle curves, and soft silhouettes.

Interior Design Trends We'll Be Loving In 2017
Styling by Jill Windahl / photography by Lina Östling

Interior Design Trends We'll Be Loving In 2017

Petite Lily Interiors

Natural Textures Rock in 2017

The popularity of natural home elements won’t wane in the wake of 2017 – quite the contrary. Organic materials such as rattan, abaca, and bamboo are the next huge hit for graceful interiors, along with modern takes on vintage pieces and retro-inspired bedroom styles. For a suave décor twist, the year ahead will be marked by the rise of slightly darker, matte wood with bold grain achieved by wire brushing and pre-paint whitewashing.

Interior Design Trends We'll Be Loving In 2017
Idaho house by Chris Loves Julia

Interior Design Trends We'll Be Loving In 2017

Cork Panels Are Here to Stay

Together with a growing love of timber, designers will rediscover the charm of cork in the year to come. Eccentric yet practical, walls covered with cork panels will take over homes and home offices, adding a rustic, warm vibe to nature-inspired interiors. Apart from its use on walls, cork will also appear as an accent texture to round off a lavish home décor centered on earthy hues and materials sourced from Mother Nature.

Interior Design Trends We'll Be Loving In 2017
Light Shades by Dowsing & Raynolds
Interior Design Trends We'll Be Loving In 2017
Image source: Habitissmo

Mixed Metals in All Their Glory

Brass, gold, and blends of rose hues and copper will still be on trend in the year ahead, but this year around, they’ll be inconspicuously merged together to achieve a luxurious home look. For a dose of contrast, polished nickel and silver will be introduced into stylish quarters, together with white plaster finishes.

Interior Design Trends We'll Be Loving In 2017
Image source Cote Maison

Recycle ‘n’ Repurpose on Repeat

Repurposed vintage finds such as art deco armchairs, classic campaign furnishings, and similar retro elements will still be in, but they will rock a slightly modernized guise in 2017. The same holds for recycled pieces, such as antique rugs, armchairs, headboards, and chandeliers touched up slightly to fit the mid-century modern formula. Handmade fabrics and embroidered, knitted, felt, and crochet details will feature as quaint accents to dial up the old-meets-new décor vibe.

Interior Design Trends We'll Be Loving In 2017
Jessica Durrant Illustration

Home-Bound Hideaways Are In

The popularity of open-floor layouts is about to meet its timely end: in 2017, suave homes will feature a closed-plan guise, with a few nooks and crannies to add a note of privacy and vintage grace. Reading nooks, sunrooms, and split-level flooring will take a while to sneak back into chic living areas, but this year will mark the beginning of their return to home design. For bonus coziness, home electronics will no longer be in décor limelight, so don’t be surprised to see living rooms completely stripped of oversized LCD screens and other modern entertainment gadgets.

Interior Design Trends We'll Be Loving In 2017
Image source My Kukun

Judging by the design forecast for the year ahead, 2017 will definitely bring some major changes in the way we perceive and treat our homes. Earthy colors, mixed metals, dark timber touches, repurposed furniture, and a growing affection for living spaces devoid of digital distractions are only the tip of design trends we’re about to see in the year to come. Stay tuned for more décor innovations if you’re set on overhauling your nest in line with hottest home styles in the wake of 2017.

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