In order to have a well designed home, all the elements of design must work together effectively. In this case, it’s lighting and paint. Home lighting has the ability to impact the way the paint color appears in a specific room or area of the home, as well as other pieces of home decor in the vicinity. For the best results, it’s important to consider the amount and type of lighting in the room you’re looking to paint. This includes both natural and artificial lighting.

The Importance of Lighting for Paint Color Bedroom

A paint color’s appearance can even change with the time of the day, all depending on the location of the room in relation to the sun.

North: This direction gives off a cool, bluish light. For north-facing rooms, choose a bolder color and allow the sun to enhance it. Lighter colors will look even lighter, sometimes making the walls look washed out.

East: This direction gives off a warm, yellowish light up until noon, but leans towards blue by the end of the day. Because of this shift, there aren’t many limitations. Red, orange and yellow paints perform well, but so do pale and powdery blues and greens.

South: This direction gives off a warm light all day, the opposite of north. Both dark and light colors work well here. In south-facing rooms, dark colors appear a little brighter and there’s no need to worry about light colors appearing washed out. It depends on the desired feel you have for that room.

West: This direction gives off a warm light after noon, but shadows in the morning can have an undesired impact on anything but neutral. In west-facing rooms, shades of white are a beneficial choice.

Importance of Lighting

Along with natural lighting, artificial lighting has its effects as well. This includes the type of bulb and maybe even the type of fixture.

Incandescent: These bulbs are great for bettering the warm colors, but can soften the intensity of blues and greens. If you care about the amount of “pop” your color has, go for warm colors with incandescent light bulbs.

Fluorescent: These bulbs are the opposite of incandescent. It’s recommended to pair cool colors with fluorescent light bulbs.

Halogen: These bulbs are similar to sunlight and have less impact on colors than incandescent and fluorescent. They make all colors stand out more and work well within sconces and task lighting.

The Importance of Lighting for Paint Color Living Room

It’s sometimes hard to line up every element properly, especially because there are so many moving parts. The time of the day changes, quality and type of paint can differ and we may switch out our light bulbs and fixtures more frequently than we change the color of the walls, but if you’re someone who has had experiences with not liking the color once it’s dried, this advice may come in handy. Painting the house is a timely process, so take this advice into consideration before bringing home one paint color and seeing another, and don’t hesitate to take some samples home to hang up in the desired room to test against the light.

Author Bio: This post is a guest contribution from Valley Lighting & Home Decor, a lighting and electric supply store located in Ansonia, Connecticut.

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