For well over a decade, Lori-Girl Creations and its Founder and President Lori Miller have been THE Interior Design Company that can give you exquisite and high-end looks for a shoestring budget. Read on for our conversation with the designer about her inspirations and business acumen:

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Design Campus. When did you first become interested in interior design/When did you first know you wanted to be an interior designer?
Lori Miller. Both sides of my family were in construction. My Maternal Grandfather was an amazing carpenter and used to put me on his shoulders while he was working. I aspired to be an architect not knowing there was a service as a designer.
Design Campus.  What is something you wish you knew when you first started in the industry?/What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?
Miller. I would have pursued the field of Design when I was much younger and interned right out of high school.
Design Campus. It’s your time to brag a bit: What past project of yours are you most proud of?
Miller.  We were just placed in Interior Design Magazines Decade of Design-Best projects and products from the last ten years. This is such an amazing accolade to achieve for our work.

Design Campus. If you were not an interior designer, what would you be?
Miller.  A cartoonist for Disney.
Design Campus. Are you inspired by other, designers, artists? If so, whom and why?
Miller. I am inspired by Jamie Drake and Eileen Kathryn Boyd.Their sense of architecture and space planning with color combinations is awe inspiring. This is in addition to their business savvy.
Drake Anderson Room
Drake Anderson Room
Design Campus. What sets your aesthetic apart from other interior designers?
Miller. I come from a place of “other.” To provide a client with their likes is what set me apart.
Design Campus.  It goes without saying that in addition to being a talented designer, you also have to be a smart business person, in order to run a successful design firm. What would you say is the key to achieving that success?
Miller. I surround myself with people who are excellent business people and dynamite coaches.
Design Campus.  Is travel important to your work and inspirations?  If so, how and why?
Miller. Travel provides an array of architectural styles and varied fashion points. Each culture and country has their own unique look inspired by weather and location. It is important to incorporate these into each project
Design Campus. What does your own home look like? Is it different from what you design for clients? 
Miller. My own home is dramatic. I have the ability to use free reign and mix colors with patterns.


Design Campus. What is your favorite color?
Miller. Purple.
Design Campus. What is your favorite city?
Miller. London.
Design Campus. What is at the top of your bucket list right now?
Miller. Heading to the Grand Canyon and riding a donkey.

Design Campus. What else should our readers know about you? Do you have products/shows/books you want to plug? Here’s your chance!  

Miller. We are working on a fabric line that is in midst of being copywritten. We do have a book written called Feng Sh..what? the basic rules of good design, and I am in the process of trying to update it with a new publisher as some of the photos are outdated.

The book Feng Sh…What? The Basic Rules of Good Design was written with Julie Hernandez, a licensed therapist. This is the first book written in dialogue format which explains the decorating process. With an easy-going conversational manner, they take you on a journey that explores the unique relationship between personality and design. It is a colorful, picture-filled book which provides you with step-by-step instructions, checklists, design ideas, a color test and advice to help you gain insight into your own unique personality & style.

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