Art is not separate from life and life is not separate from Architecture.


Gulla Jónsdóttir creates unexpected and poetic modern architecture and interior spaces. Icelandic-born Gulla Jónsdóttir studied mathematics, before moving to Los Angeles to study Architecture at Sci-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture). She worked for Richard Meier, Walt Disney Imagineering and Dodd Mitchell Design before starting her own firm, Gulla Jonsdottir Architecture & Design, in 2009.

Guggenheim, Finland
Guggenheim, Finland

Gulla has in her career of architecture and design received several awards including Interior Design’s Gold Key Award for Best Spa Design: Paz Spa at Cabo Azul Resort, “Best design of the Year” by Esquire magazine for her design for the Red O restaurant in Los Angeles, Boutique Design’s Best Hotel Design: Cabo Azul Resort, Best Lighting Design: Cabo Azul Resort, Los Angeles Architectural Award of excellence for Red O Restaurant, and Hospitality Design Magazine award for Roxbury and Cabo Azul.


Gulla Jonsdottir Commercial Design

Her latest project, The La Peer Hotel, appropriately situated in the heart of the LA Design District, is opening this Summer in West Hollywood and we cannot wait to plan a trip! The perfect SoCal hideaway is hyper-luxurious and relaxing.

LaPeer+Hotel_Lobby+Update Gulla-Jonsdottir-NEW-833x554

“The relationship of human senses and architecture is an important part of our living conditions, affecting our experiences, feelings, memories, and ultimately the decisions we make. We sense the world outside our bodies through detecting energy or other forms of communication. Touch is the most primary experience in architecture because the senses of the skin are the mediator between the skin and the world.  Beginning with the tactile sensibility, I will explore the sensuality of architectural spaces by integrating all 5 senses.” – Gulla

Le Grand Restaurant, Paris France Gulla-Jonsdottir-NEW-833x554
Le Grand Restaurant, Paris France

Gulla’s Furniture Collection

Not only is Gulla a commercial design extraordinaire, she also excels in the realm of furniture and product design. Known for her sensual and dynamic forms that work in harmony with their surroundings, Gulla’s environmental compassion brings unique spatial experiences that respond to nature and surrounding site, always echoing the integration of organic beauty and function.

Butterfly Screen Gulla-Jonsdottir-NEW-833x554
Butterfly Screen

We were ecstatic to have Gulla speak at Design Campus Live in Atlanta last year. Soon you’ll be able to watch her course exploring her love of architecture and how it is relative to human anatomy on! Stay tuned. And to learn more about Gulla and her incredible designs, visit her website.

Cuff Chair Gulla-Jonsdottir-NEW-833x554
Cuff Chair

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