Social media is super important for helping build your business’ online presence, but not all social media platforms are created equal. That’s why it’s imperative you find the right social media platforms that fit your style and schedule. The following tips should help alleviate some of the overwhelming effect attached to social media management for your design business–helping you hone in on which platforms are the right ones for you and maximize your sales! 

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If you are still thinking about joining a social media platform, but haven’t quite pulled the trigger yet, that’s ok! But you’re going to have to change the way you think about using them, since you’re not an early adopter. The Design Bloggers’ Conference’s, Adam Japko explains in his “Social Media Bug” course, which you can watch here on, that the internet has transformed the market from a ‘buyers beware market’ to one of  ‘sellers beware.’ Because of the savviness of the consumer, an emphasis is being placed on customization and specificity– While having loads of followers is wonderful, don’t focus your energy entirely on that. You don’t need the MOST followers, focus on having the RIGHT ones, the ones who are actually going to BUY. Focus on developing relationships with them that span beyond just that of followeee and followers — follow them back, comment on their pictures, direct message them with ideas for collaboration!

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Nothing looks more unprofessional than checking out someone’s Facebook Business page only to see that it hasn’t been updated in months–or years! If you’re not regularly providing content to followers, then what makes it different from your website or newsletter? Give your audience some incentive to follow you by providing regular content. On Facebook, ideally you’d be posting once a day, certainly at least once a week. Compare that to twitter: according to twitter expert and professor, Phil Pallen, you should be tweeting at least 4-6 times a day, to really utilize the platform. And if you don’t have all the time in the world to spend– utilize a platform like Hootsuite or Buffer which connects to your twitter account and enables you to schedule your tweets in advance. Facebook has a new timeline feature, within their interface, that enables you to do the same there.

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Some candid pictures of you taken on an iPhone at an event might work wonderfully on Facebook or Snapchat, but on a platform like Instagram or Flickr, those are not going to fly if you’re trying to grow your account. Instagram expert and professor Courtney Porter explains in her Instagram Course, the concept behind Instagram’s gallery and what types of images perform the best: Clean, crisp, curated lifestyle imagery. If you don’t yet have a robust portfolio of professional high resolution imagery to put on Instagram just yet, that’s ok! Focus on the platforms that don’t place as heavy an emphasis on aesthetics, or check out our tips on how to use Pinterest here!

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As we mentioned earlier, if you don’t have the portfolio of high res. lifestyle imagery or enough consistent work to sustain an Instagram feed, that’s ok! When someone hires you as a designer they are hiring you for your personality just as much as, if not more-so, than for your design acumen. Turn to a platform like Youtube or Snapchat to showcase your personality. Career coach, David Brownstein, gives an excellent lecture for about utilizing Youtube and video platforms for creative professionals, which you can watch here.

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These tips are not meant to overwhelm you! You don’t need to feel like you have to be on EVERY platform. Pick 2-3 and work those to the max! For members of, we have even more ways to help you decide which platforms are the best ones for you and your business. So what are you waiting for? We’ll see you on campus!


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