Hi y’all Bama (April Glover) here! Reviving a tired, outdated bathroom needn’t require a total overhaul. There are several simple things you can do to give your bathroom that much needed update without stressing out your pocketbook. Here are a few of my tricks and 5 easy steps to give your bathroom a facelift while getting the most out of a tiny budget and a weekend.

First things first, get all your current decor and toiletries out of there! You will need to thoroughly clean all the nooks and crannies before getting started.

  1. Don’t Like It, Paint It:A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in any space and gives you a clean slate to jump start your update. I highly recommend you go with a paint that includes a primer, which will run you about $28 per gal. For just a few extra dollars you will save the time of multiple coats. If you’re working with a small bathroom (as most are) go with a lighter color, this will help keep the space from feeling tiny and dark. Even though its a pain, take the time to tape off and cover everything. You will save yourself a lot of heartache later.

    Matt & Jenn before bath

  2. Trim It Out:To add more interest to your space consider adding decorative trim or beadboard paneling made of PVC around the perimeter of your space. This will not only help make your bathroom feel cozy but it will appear larger.

    Me Pulling Up Tile

    The Vintage Glitter House
    The Vintage Glitter House
  3. Vanity Touch-up:If your vanity is looking a little blah, give’er a fresh coat of paint or stain. Be sure to sand and clean your surface thoroughly before applying any new paint or stain. One, you don’t want crud in your finish and you want your finish to stick. Then install new nobs or pulls to give your vanity a whole new look for less than it would cost for to replace. To add that final touch choose the appropriate size mirror for your space. Now I know mirrors can be a bit expensive but there are ways around that. Such as adhering a frameless mirror to your wall and then installing decorative molding to frame it in. My favorite is to hang several vintage mirrors in a grouping.

    Matt %26 Jenn Bathroom After CC

  4. Get Organized:You might find most of your bathroom woes are due to clutter and miss used space. Keep your counter items to a minimum and store all your other toiletries away. A great tip to keeping things organized and at your finger tips is by picking up a few inexpensive storage baskets. If you have a little extra cash , consider investing in pull-out cabinet organizers. They may take a hot minute to install and will wonder how you ever did without them.

    Matt & Jenn Before 2

    Dear Lillie
    Dear Lillie
  5. Accessorize: The right accessories can really make a big impact! When choosing pieces think outside the box and repurpose unique items that you might find at a flea market or an antique store. Use an old wooden ladder for a towel bar, using a blanket with a cool pattern as a shower curtain or using vintage bottles. Don’t like the vintage look and want a more modern touch, pull in polished silver or brass items. Just be sure to spray any wood items with a clear coat of polyurethane, preferably matte.

    bathroom touches cc

    See, bringing your bathroom back to life doesn’t have to cost you a pretty penny! If you play your cards right you can stretch $100 a long way with any one of these 5 tips. You’re just a few hours or a weekend away from having that tranquil retreat.

Feeling inspired, please tweet me some pics of your weekend bathroom revivals @cheekybama would love to see how yours turned out!

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