Meet the designer, David Waldrop, from David Waldrop Interiors in Abilene, Texas.

Peninsula Home is very proud of their Interior designers that come to them with big ideas and exciting designs. They know that at Peninsula they are family and will turn their concepts into a reality. As a manufacturer that specializes in custom product, the best part of working on any project with an interior designer is seeing it finished! This designer really outdid himself and created a space that captured what his client wanted while incorporating his design company’s style, both traditional and elegant we are in awe of David’s design. Read this designer interview and find out his experience creating a new Texas house project with custom made furniture by Peninsula Home.

Peninsula Home Custom Niza Dresser Bathroom Vanity
Custom bathroom vanities and cabinetry based on the Niza Dresser

PH: This project was a great win! How did you become awarded the design work?
DW: “Referral, that is how we get new business. People see our work and our clients recommend our firm.”

PH: Can you describe the scope of the project? Size, location, special considerations from the client?
DW: “It was a new construction in Abilene, Texas. The 1st is on a golf course in 7,000 square feet house for a family of 4 and 2 dogs. Because the project was from inception we were able to customize the floor , bathroom, cabinets, rugs and furniture. the client wanted a comfortable and casual house. She wanted elements of a ranch house so our finishes were relaxed and we incorporated American fabric dressings that were inspired by the west; as well as some Spanish colonial pieces. ”

Peninsula Home Custom Augusta Bookcase and Leonardo End Table

The Augusta bookcase and Leonardo end table

PH: What was the timeline given to complete this project?
DW: “2 years.”

PH: Why did you decide to use Peninsula Home?
DW: “Because of their ability to customize and their design ability.”

Peninsula Home Custom Estoril Buffet

The Estoril Buffet shown in a hand painted finish with blue accents.

PH: Tell us about your personal design process.
DW: “I am successful because I have been able to help create and execute my clients vision.”

PH: What is your favorite thing about the final outcome of this project?
DW: “Seeing my client happy!”

PH: What inspired you during this particular project?
DW: “My client’s encouragement and giving her vision some added style.”

Custom entertainment center based on the Augusta book case

Custom entertainment center based on the Augusta book case

PH: What do you believe sets your design (and services) apart from your competition?
DW: “Our success and our people, we have a lot of experience.”

PH: What is the most important thing you learned on this project?
DW: “Using the timeline wisely to space the presentations of the design of the house.”

Custom bathroom sink based on the Leonardo console

Custom bathroom sink based on the Leonardo console

PH: What are your 3 must have’s in a home?
DW: “Harmony, balance and rhythm.”

PH: What is exciting to you right now in the design world?
DW: “New ways to present our designs to clients.”

Talking Custom with Peninsula Home

Peninsula Home Custom Furniture

Peninsula Home is the perfect destination for Interior Designers to provide their clients with beautiful, custom pieces.

Read Peninsula Home’s previous blog on understand the process of designing custom furniture for their clients. Whether it’s a finish requirement, dimension issue or overall aesthetic change there always seems to be a road block between what’s being offered as a stocked item and what is needed to take your project to the next level.

Learn more about Peninsula Home’s Design Studio in Orange County, CA, which is open to all interior designers to create custom designs here. For more information on this unique service offered by Peninsula Home Collection, please contact

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