Creative Real Estate Collaborations

Last night ASPIRE Home Magazine co-hosted a panel on Creative Real Estate Collaborations in the elegant Lefroy Brooks showroom in downtown Manhattan. The panel featured Jered Epstein, Vice President and Principal of Aurora Capital Associates, and Stan Gale Jr., President of family-owned real estate investment firm Gale International, and was moderated by David Baretto, founder and director of Cast Iron Realty. Together they discussed the limitlessness of opportunities when you think outside the box and collaborate. Here are three quick take-aways from their inspiring panel:

1. Meet Everyone

Get out of the house and attend networking events every night of the week (or as much as you can!). Start viewing everyone as a potential collaborator, including people outside the field of design. If they aren’t potential collaborators, they are potential clients!


2. Be Ambitious

Shoot for the stars! Epstein and Gale both work on large-scale projects in New York City and abroad, commercial and residential, and insist it takes just as much effort to work on their smaller projects as on the large-scale, especially when you have fixed overhead costs. So take the risk, take on the larger project.


3. Trust in the Market

Anticipate ebbs and flows in the market – Yesterday’s hot neighborhood may be a ghost town today, but these trends are normal and cyclical. It always comes back around!

Courtney Porter at Lefroy Brooks


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