So often we run into design professionals who have had incredibly successful careers long before they started their own design firms or other entrepreneurial ventures in the design world. In many ways their previous careers inform their business practices and often their aesthetics. These fab 5 have proven you really can be a jack of all trades:

1. Henry Lien


Henry Lien, JD, UCLA School of Law, BA, Brown University, practiced as a business attorney for ten years in cases pertaining to architecture, interior design and construction. He served for eight years as the owner and director of the Glass Garage Gallery in West Hollywood. Currently, Lien works as a private art dealer with interior designers composing a significant portion of clientele. He represents artists from North America, Asia, Europe, and South America. His artists have appeared in Architecural Digest, ARTnews, Art in America, Juxtapoz, the Huffington Post, Time Magazine and have been collected by and exhibited in institutions and museums around the world. He also teaches courses on interior design law in the Architecture and Interior Design department at UCLA. Henry has served as the President of the West Hollywood Fine Art Dealers’ Association and was a Board Member of the West Hollywood Avenues of Art and Design. He currently serves as the Arts Editor at Interfictions Magazine.

Henry Lien will be presenting on his vast knowledge of working with and dealing art during Day Three of Super Design Campus Live at Atlanta Winter 2015 Market.

2. Vanessa Kogevinas


Vanessa Kogevinas’s career in publishing and management has spanned over sixteen years, with a focus in the interior design industry. Her resume boasts positions with Architectural Digest, Western Interiors & Design, Veranda, Luxe Interiors+Design, The Hollywood Reporter, California Homes, California Home and Design, and Editor-At-Large.

Vanessa Kogevinas is founder of Vanessa K. Productions, which produces high-end interior design events, including showhouses and conferences. Her firm provides a unique, unmatched production experience for clients.  In 2007, she also co-founded Vanessa Squared Productions, which redesigns homeless shelters and other safe havens for troubled individuals in the Los Angeles area.

Vanessa will be moderating the panel discussing, “Trials and Triumphs of a Showhouse” during Day Two of Super Design Campus Live at Atlanta Winter Market.

3. Bill Indursky


Editor in chief and co-founder of The Design Life Network, Bill Indursky is an architect, designer, artist, trend expert, fashionisto, and digital entrepreneur. Bill lectures regularly on trends around the country and has guest appeared on HGTV’s The Real Designing Women. But before then, Bill made his mark as a digital entrepreneur, having founded V&M, one of the largest vintage, antique, and design sites on the web, and FLASHcap Interactive, an award-winning New York City digital interactive agency with clients including SONY, Panasonic, Popular Photography & Imaging Magazine, Adobe, American PHOTO Magazine, Canon, Sound & Vision Magazine, Ford Motor Company, Kodak, as well as 175 others. And even before moving to digital, Bill worked in the fashion industry for Liz Claiborne and J. Crew. Bill is a beloved Design Campus professor fav and will be one of our guest speakers Super Design Campus Live 3-day summits at both Atlanta and Dallas Winter 2016 markets this January. Learn the key elements effecting style today during his presentation, Home Decor Design Trends – A Year Ahead, which will cover more than 250 lush visuals explaining the top trends and sub-trends within the home decor/design industry. The year is broken into four easily digestible quarters featuring both traditional and contemporary trends.

Join us in Atlanta this January to see Henry Lien, Vanessa Kogevinas and Bill Indursky speak at Design Campus Live Atlanta!


4. Gulla Jónsdóttir

5684_content_1Gulla Jónsdóttir is known for her sensual and dynamic, harmonious design. Gulla’s environmental compassion brings unique spatial experiences that respond to nature and surrounding site, always echoing the integration of organic beauty and function. Icelandic-born Gulla Jónsdóttir studied mathematics, before moving to Los Angeles to study Architecture at Sci-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture). Before interior design, she worked for Richard Meier, Walt Disney Imagineering and Dodd Mitchell Design before starting her own firm, Gulla Jonsdottir Architecture & Design, in 2009.

Gulla will be presenting on her love of architecture and how it is relative to human anatomy at Super Design Campus Live at Atlanta Winter Market.

5. Parker Kennedy Living

imagesParker Kennedy Living interior design group and brand was founded in 2011 by Co-founders Lance Jackson (Creative Director) and David Ecton. After graduating from SCAD, Lance began his career in the interior design industry working and developing highly successful interior design groups for Atlanta-based architecture firms (ranging from high-end residential to hospitality). Three years spent working in furniture product development sparked Lance’s desire to continually have his hand in the product design industry and take the leap to start his own firm. David studied International Trade at University of South Alabama and later received his MBA in International Trade. Along his career paths in politics, trading, graphic design, and marketing, David mixes his business savviness with his creative side to keep PKL ahead of the game.

The co-founders of Parker Kennedy will be participating on the panel discussing, “Trials and Triumphs of a Showhouse” during Day Two of Super Design Campus Live at Atlanta Winter Market. Lance and David will share the work from their Parker Kennedy Living Showhouse.

Join us in Dallas this January to see Gulla Jonsdottir and Lance and David of Parker Kennedy Living speak at Design Campus Live Dallas!

Tour, network, and learn at the ultimate designer experience at Dallas Winter Market January 21-23, 2016

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