At a Lifestyle Designer’s seminar, speaking to a group of men and women about Design Psychology, a determined lady made a beeline up to me with tears welling up in her eyes. I was a bit nervous, worried I had offended her or her design tastes. She didn’t speak, but grabbed me and hugged me so hard it startled me! After taking everyone through the Temperature Taking Design Psych. Exercise, she had an epiphany that would change her life.

She had realized, while going through the steps outlined, that she unconsciously sabotaged each and every one of her personal relationships. She told me she had a framed photo of every member of her family for 5 generations hung all over her bedroom walls. She was holding a family reunion in her bedroom every night! She never realized that her family “watching” her every move, was making her and her significant others uncomfortable and unsettled.

What most of us don’t notice on a daily basis is our “stuff”. If we stop to make a conscience decision to look at every item in a room and assign an emotion to that item, we can “take the temperature” of the room. For example, stand in one room in your home and slowly turn around in the room taking note of each item. Assign an emotion, “Love”, “despise”, “like”, to each item. If the majority of the room is holding items you “love”, your room has the makings of a functional space. Conversely, if your room holds a majority of “so-so” or “hated” items, there is no way your room can work for you. It can only work against you and your psyche. Understanding design psychology is the one facet of learning the why’s of design. Design Camp showcases the study of design psychology and its everyday application.

After a short time, I received another email from my new friend. She was excited to report her family has been relocated to her hallway. With additional focussed light and new frames, she happily honored her family. More importantly, she freed herself by creating a “now” space to focus on her own life, choices, memories and relationships. She consciously designed her bedroom into a beautiful haven. I cannot wait for the next report – a wedding?

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