Last week we had the pleasure of attending an LG Studio event at the gorgeous new AJ Madison Showroom in Brooklyn, NY. The space has that wonderful newly-installed kitchen smell– in part because of the stunning new Nate Berkus collection of Black Stainless Steel appliances. It takes a lot to impress us these days and this bold, new collection did just that! Nate Berkus also gave a talk where he covered everything from inspiration, how he started out, and being a new father. Read on for our top takeaways from his talk:

  1. Honesty

“I’ve told clients to move before.” With hilarious candor, Nate expressed the importance of honesty and transparency in working with his clients. So much so, he’s had to tell clients that in order to get exactly what they want, they’d have to own an entirely different home.

2. Personalization

The home should tell your story. Part of what keeps Nate excited about design is that no two projects are the same. Though he’s a fan of classic, timeless pieces, he never feels the urge to replicate past designs. Which leads us to the next big takeaway…

3. On “Trends”

He hates the word trends! (Can we blame him?). Since it’s derived from the fashion industry, it’s designed to make us “feel bad about what we didn’t buy yesterday.” Of course, you still want something fresh and want to look at where things are going, in general, and in the case of kitchen design, that direction is technology…

Nate Berkus Fridges

4. He Doesn’t Cook

Nate proves you don’t have to be a Michelin star chef to design an incredible, functional, top-of-the-line kitchen. Though he has no interest in cooking whatsoever, he worked with LG to design this flawless new collection of black stainless steel appliances: The new finish is a fresh take on the classic stainless steel and it’s completely smudge-proof, and pairs beautifully with other warm metals like brass. The pieces have all sorts of smart capabilities, including hooking up to your ipad or smart phone or your Alexa home system.

You can browse the entire collection here. 

5. On Calling In Favors

Rooted in good-will and loosely based on the old TV show ‘Money Pit,’ Nate & husband Jeremiah will star in the new TLC show “Married to Design: Nate & Jeremiah.” Each episode follows a new home renovation project. The show wouldn’t be possible without the years Nate has spent developing relationships with various vendors, contractors, etc in the deisgn-build industry, as he calls in all the favors he can to help turn these money-pit projects into dream homes without breaking the bank.

Learn more about their new show here.

6. On Designing With Kids in The House

Nate Berkus grew-up with a respect for design as the son of an interior designer. He discussed the concept of having “off-limits” spaces for children in the home as a way of instilling a respect. Though its a nice sentiment, he realizes as a new father to daughter Poppy, you have to be flexible. “No more glass table tops,” he noted as he shared a hilarious anecdote about Poppy breaking a glass coffee table top (She was fine!).

7. On Economics & Luxury

Many of the event attendees lived in and around New York City, so naturally, there was lots of talk about small spaces.  Nate views small spaces as an exciting challenge. He noted one of the great advantages of small spaces is that it’s often very affordable to use luxurious materials, and its a great way to justify splurges. (You don’t need a ton of rolls of wallpaper for a small powder room, and maybe you only have 10 pulls in your kitchen instead of 30 or 40-some.)

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