About Design Campus

What is Design Campus?

Your design destination, Design Campus was born with you, the designer, in mind from beginning to end. Some of the questions we asked ourselves were: What is it that you need to improve your design business? How can we help you grow your talents? How can we provide you the online design resources you need to be the expert and successful in this industry we all love?

With all of that in mind, we introduce you to Design Campus, where you will learn from industry experts from across the globe through hundreds of training videos and educational articles, connect with thousands of designers in your niche industry, find resources on how to succeed in your design business and stay up to speed with what's hot in the world of design. Design Campus is your premier training resource and ongoing communication forum for designers and design enthusiasts.

We hope you have just as much fun exploring every nook of our website as we did putting it together. Every click brings you to a new opportunity for growth and ultimately success in your business. Now enough about us...go learn, connect, design and succeed!